Get to know Restrived.

So happy to meet you!

I am glad that you found our webshop and you want to contribute to a more sustainable sporty lifestyle.

Restrived. is developed from the words: resolve, restore, strive, and thrive. Restrived. aims to make waves of changes in every aspect.

Sustainability - Comfort - Health - Style - Fun: are the keywords of the shop.

Restrived is a small female owned business located in Belgium. The goal is to offer you a more ecological version of your daily sports gear. Good quality gear for your runs, workouts, stretching, yoga, ...

This page will soon be updated with more information about the labels you can find in our shop. I am so happy to be working with the Finnish label Lilja, Leon Nord (based in Copenhagen) and the Belgian brand Pierre Sports.

In the near future, our range of products will be expanded with shirts, sweaters, ... Also sportswear for men is in the pipeline. Sorry guys for the wait ;) I am more familiar with the women's department :).

And since I am a active cyclist myself, I have the dream to add a fully sustainable cyclewear label.
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Sylvie (founder)


Thank you so much for choosing to take care of the planet while taking care of yourself as well.